Baltimore Air Coil
Culture, capabilities and expertise... how to you capture that in 1/200th of a second in a photograph.... 
Baltimore Air Coil required a collection of images created for flexible use across multiple applications - socials, print, websites and a mural. And to show all of the required elements of the business to identify the attractive and progressive environment they had created.
Building an image set like this often comes with some risk... that the images in brief does not align with what actually is. In this case, the images came naturally... 
The people of BAC were friendly, ready to share their roles and expertise... and most importantly for me, ready to share themselves with the camera. Showing the culture of inclusiveness, expertise and diversity within a welcoming environment was a breeze. 
Gratitude to the entire team that made this happen with such a welcoming spirit... 
Below are some selected visual assets from the collection we made with the team.

Team and Tools:
BAC leadership and production team | Cesar Ocampo for Assist | Abel Productions for Motion
Nikon D850 | 35mm | 105mm | 20mm | Profoto B1 x2 | Magnum + Zoom Reflectors | RGB LED Tubes x3 |Pre-colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC


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