Thinking about installing a bridge across a road seems simple enough... and perhaps it is, in our minds. The complexity lies in the logistics and the tools needed to do so. 
The scale of moving 70 tonnes of concrete and steel makes all the difference...
Prepping the cranes with the capacity to lift, ensuring the safety of all those on site, using skilled personnel to operate the plant equipment and doing it all with clockwork precision to fit within time windows for minimal disruption to the community... all of which needed careful planning and execution.
Watching the teams at Fleetwood Urban install this bridge for Mirvac could deceive you in to thinking... "it IS that simple". 
Listening and watching over just a few minutes had set my mind straight; it's not that simple. When scaled at such a level, everything becomes a little more complex.
Getting that bridge to fit on to it's foundations (secured by "pins just wider than a big man's finger") is a feat of precision, especially when using heavy-lift cranes and co-ordinating the teams - the operators have to control these mechanical giants to move millimetres!
What a pleasure to watch this project that had been planned over months... come together with ease.
Team and Tools:
Nikon D850 | 35mm | 105mm | 20mm  |Pre-colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC


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