Barrakee Lodge
As the temperature drops, I can't help feel the lure of the snow once again...
Fond memories of Barrakee Lodge, Perisher where good times are made with good company, lush surroundings and the warmth of a cabin full of stories and history. 
We had the opportunity to create an image library and brand lifestyle film for the lodge that they could use over any of their brand platforms. Working to concurrently create stills and video was an approach that maximised efficiency of the production, talent usage and operational down-time of the location. 
Here are some selects and a link to video... bring on season 2024!
Team and Tools:
RZ Media on motion: Video | Barrakee Lodge Team | Tracy Family 
Nikon D850| 35mm | 85mm | 50mm |Profoto A1 |RGB Tubes | Reflectors | Pre-colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC


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