It's a heady feeling when you prep for a trip like this - amazing locations, an adventurous and ambitious production plan, narratives that align with your interests and the freedom of a 5-day road-trip to just make pretty pictures. 
The assignment was to develop a series of images that both documented NRMA's EV Drive Day at Broken Hill, and to tell the stories you make when you travel that long, open road. And stories we had - culture, history, art, adventure, weather, people, iconic locations, EV's current issues and tremendous advantages, nature's magic, getting lost, breaking down and it goes on...
A fast-paced project that needed us to travel light and move quickly at each of the locations. Familiarity with our tools, team and environment allowed us to quickly check off our lists and to find space to "play and learn".
Here's a selection of images from our time with NRMA.
Team and Tools:
Drone: DJI Mavic 3, Mini, Air | D850 | 20mm, 35mm, 56mm &105mm | Profoto A1 x2 | Profoto Small Translucent & Silver | Abel Productions / Derek Abel on motion | Capture One Pro | Photoshop CC | NRMA EV Cars & Community / Marketing Teams | SIXT
It was hard to avoid seeing that the future is clear; we will move towards a cleaner source of energy at a blistering pace. 
We are blessed with a land that has abundant potential to harness the sun and the wind, and the resources to create the what we need most for this electric evolution; on our 2500km + journey, we saw all the elements come together... as we drove down each long road, the horizon held silhouettes of wind turbines and farms of PVs.
The path is not a simple one, and the challenges are real ... the direction is however certain. 
A potentially stressful element of a production is the weather. And despite the adage of 'let go of what you cannot control', it is often hard to do when the need for sunshine is a critical part of your brief. 
We were fortunate to say the least. Given a show of magnificent cloud formations, culminating in to an intense electrical storm... we also had the luck to see the power of nature in one scene: bushfires, sandstorms and an artful lighting show. 
There's something about working with a fellow creative whose energy complements... it just flows. 
To produce a high-volume of quality content on one multi-day assignment requires a good plan, and a team that can roll with the mess that comes even from the best made ones!
Derek is a passionate story teller with his work, and if you are lucky, he will share his own with you and what a story-teller he is... A relief when you have to spend all that time with someone in car! 
If we ever sit around a table with a drink, ask me about the 3 crazy-stupid-things that happened on that lonely road ... and yes, one of them involves running dry with our car. 
Stressless as we were travelling with the NRMA.


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