"Body piloting" is a phrase that continuously resonates in my mind whenever I find myself in the presence of these exceptional parkour athletes. The unparalleled mastery over their physical forms is reminiscent of the grace and precision exhibited by dancers, gymnasts, and acrobats—individuals who have committed so profoundly into their chosen disciplines.
My previous collaborations with Alex have been incredibly rewarding (Red Bull Illume), so when the chance arose to create more captivating images together, I eagerly embraced it. Our shooting location was a suburban shopping rooftop carpark, and we hit the session at the break of dawn.
What truly sets Jonny and Alex apart is their profound understanding of their own bodies, their incredible skills, and an acute awareness of their limits. This knowledge permeated every moment of our session, creating an atmosphere of safety and trust that allowed me to propose even the most audacious and seemingly reckless ideas. I'd inquire with enthusiasm, "Hey, can you leap from that second-story level onto that narrow rail, and then execute a backflip onto that distant platform?"
In those exhilarating moments, I realized that these athletes were driven not by fear, but by a desire to create unforgettable memories. Their motto seemed to be, "Die with memories, not dreams." This mantra encapsulates the spirit of their relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and embracing life to its fullest.
Team and Tools:
Nikon D850 | 35mm | 105mm | 20mm | 500mm
Various reflectors
Pre-colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC


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