Editorial Corporate Portraiture
I see business' getting more and more nimble in the marketplace as the evolutionary wheels continue to spin.
There's significantly more business' carving a niche for themselves to provide specialised and intimate relationships. A fresh and comforting change.
It's also shown from the briefs that are coming for corporate portraiture; a little more span to play with colour, lighting and space.... I daresay a little more creative.
Here are a couple that have moved away from the white backdrops, natural colours and the typical 
Team and Tools:
Nikon Z8 | 35mm | 85mm | 50mm
Tripod | 2" white umbrella| Profoto B1 x 2 | Profoto A1 x2 | 3x3 Softbox Profoto
Pre-Colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC 
ARCIS Corporate Advisory
STEELE Consulting


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