This project is one of the very few exciting ideas that have come to the Yoga / Pilates space in a long time... 
Technology leveraged for knowledge and the immersive experience during practice; Balance 360 is a Yoga & Pilates experience which brings teachers from wherever they are in the world, into the studio. And the studio, transports the practitioners to beautiful places, enveloping them in the environment. 
What a concept!
From sprawling landscapes to underwater environments, from iconic locations to 'out of this world' trips, the audio / visual system transports us directly in to these unique state-of-minds.
And big credit to all involved in producing these images - the amazing super-human talent, HMUA, agency, production crew, motion / lighting, the ever-calm projection experts... Reach out to me if you ever need to connect to any of these legends.

Team and Tools:
Nick Diamond | Ben Kumanovski | Emma Luciano | Chivonne McFarlane | Andrew Hampston | Christian Ralston | Johnson Chong | Sophia Tilley | Nikki McClean | Chloe Reynolds | Dani Rosenthal | Craig Laurendet | Grahame Dickson | Sun Studios | The Creative Method
Nikon D850 | 35mm | 105mm | 20mm |Pre-colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC
Lifestyle Imagery
Portraits - Group and Individual for Instructor Biographies


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