Image libraries can sometimes be challenging to create. The key limitations being time and resources to achieve the expected outcome; “Everything”.
With these typical conditions, it is critical to distil the key images that are required of the library and the purpose for them; what is the message to be delivered? What are the products that need to be highlighted? Which locations are on the priority list? Which ‘emotional elements’ need to be captured for the brand?
Pre-production in this case is absolutely as important, if not more important than the execution of the shoot to ensure expectations are met and exceeded.
Ultimately, the balance between detail, sprawling vistas, product, emotional content and contextual photographs, will give the library maximum utility to tell stories. And, allow for longevity of application across socials, campaigns and branding usage.
These are a selection of images created for Soomom Apparel over 2 extended days and 5 locations in NSW, Australia.
An accompanying motion narrative by @RZmedia, tells of Bre Vine’s journey and the resulting triumph she has found in her personal and professional life decisions. This is an exciting piece and will be released shortly. Check back for the link...

It was a privilege to be let in to this sphere of trust, and a pleasure to work with Bre, the supportive team at Soomom and the amazing duo at RZ Media.
Team and Tools:
Team: Bre Vine | RZ Media | Soomom Apparel
Nikon D850 | 35mm | 58mm |100mm Nikkors | Profoto A1, B1 | Profoto Softlight Reflector
Captured on Capture One | Colored and retouched on Photoshop CC2023


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