3 locations, 3 stories... bound by one product and an efficient production schedule. 
On top of that, this remote shoot had its practical complications simplified and executed so well, it felt like all parties were on-set at the same time; kudos to superb planning and technology that allowed it to happen - produced from Singapore, shot on locations in Sydney and real-time client input from Taiwan.
We used a mix of lighting approaches - negative-fill, strobes and various reflector work to ensure that the subject and product really pop. After all, this brief was to highlight the flexible utility of the product and its form at the same time - lightweight, mobile and powerful.
A big part of lighting this particular set was the time of day - planning as best we can around weather and time of day, allows for the best foundation of the image to be built on. Shaping the light adds to needed edge to the final image.
We worked alongside a film crew on this project. This can often be a shuffle of time with the talent, set and lighting - chasing the time of day, fitting in to the shoot schedule and keeping the energy high with the talents. This can easily get supremely messy.
It worked very well in this case, mostly due to the culture on set with the producers and directors to ensure that we all had enough time to make the best images we can. This is so important... plan the shoot well, then shoot the plan.
Team and Tools:
Nikon D850 x2 | 35mm | 35mm | 70-200mm Nikkors |Profoto B1 x2 | various reflectors - black, silver and white | large translucent umbrellas
Coloured & Processed on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC​​​​​​​


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