In the soft, ethereal light of early morning, Rosy, Ruby, Maria and Eddy warmed up on the vast sand dunes of Newcastle, ready for a photography session that was set to capture the feels of being in a fitness community. The light bathed the dunes in a warm glow, creating a canvas of light and shadow that excited us all for the day ahead. Despite the serene beauty of the scene, the journey to this moment had not been without its challenges with access... 
One of the most wonderful things about travelling relatively light... there is so much more focus on making the image, and connecting with your team. 
This results in more fun, a lighter feel ... resulting with images in the same vein.
The light, ever-changing and alive, played a pivotal role in the session. It wrapped around the runners, highlighting the contours of their bodies and creating a fresh energy that complemented the colors of the outfits. 
If there is one thing better than a long run alone with nature… it is time spent with your community / village / tribe. 
Team and Tools:
Rosy / Eddy / Ruby Jennings | Maria Kamanda | Smack Studios | Facon Models
Nikon Z8| 35mm | 85mm | 50mm |Profoto A1 |2x2 Scrim / Reflector| Pre-colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC


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