Dishing out good vibes, positive energy and a whole bunch of limit-breaking exercises… Barry's is one intense place to get your body to meet its limit. 

The team at Barry's Australia brings the goods in spades. And, it truly is the people that make the place; each instructor brings a unique energy and pleasurable pain to their classes. 
I was lucky enough to experience each, with their contrasting styles as we shot a "MEGA CLASS" - 75 minutes as each of the instructors rotated for 7 minutes each. On looking back, that was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those that came for that class, as it was organised specifically for the shoot - motion & stills.

I maxed out my HR just photographing the team in action; no kidding.
Shot for Barry's for Red Room socials, key visuals, merchandising and instructor portraits.
More images in the Portfolio.
Team and Tools:
With Barry's Australia | Lululemon | Fitness Lifestyle Group | HMUA:  Emma Luciano
Nikon D850 | 35mm | 58mm | 20mm Nikkors | Profoto A1, B1 | LED tubes | Softboxes with grids and umbrellas
Captured on Capture One | Colored and retouched on Photoshop CC2022


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