There is an athleticism in Parkour that allows you to make a playground of any space you are in... 
Sebastian surveys the area immediately upon arriving; for launch points, entry / exit paths - just as I would to look for light and angles. And, soon enough, we were shooting... 
The weather did not play ball in Sydney, with no surprise. If you live here, you'd know that we have had more rain this year than we have had in years... if not ever! It sure feels like it!
Wet or not, we were determined to shoot and with luck, we managed a small window of time. ​​​​​​​
Team and Tools:
Nikon D850 | 58mm | 35mm | 70-200mm Nikkors | Profoto B1 x | Silver Umbrella| OCF Magnum Reflector
Coloured & Processed on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC​​​​​​​


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