Barry's x Nimble
It was only about a month prior to the shoot, that I walked past Barry's in Sydney's Martin Place and thought to myself... "Damn, it'll be cool to shoot here!". Luck be that lady that walked past as my thought bubble formed...
Emma called with a brief on what they needed and within a week, the technical reccie was completed and shot-list finalised. The production was as smooth and efficient as how it started; how refreshing!
The Barry's and Nimble apparel collaboration needed a series of images to launch - with the outfits combinations finalised, we allocated the looks to each of the 5 feature locations within the club and got to shooting. The session was very balanced with room for creative play alongside the key visuals that needed to be created. 
We needed to be able to move quickly and be mobile on this one - Barry's remained operational with it's classes throughout the day. Wireless lighting all the way with Adrian wielding 'double light sabers' at times and a tether platform on wheels.
Interestingly, the 2 things I remember most about this shoot was the Fuel Bar shake and the pain in my legs after a Red Room session...
Special thanks to Emma and Danielle that made this happen with a big sprinkle of fun on top of... !
Team and Tools:
With Tiahn Melham | Adrian Wong | Emma Tilley | Danielle Kirk | Por | Barry's Australia | Nimble Activewear
Nikon D850 | 20mm | 35mm | 105mm | 58mm Nikkors
LED tubes x4 | Profoto B1 x2 | 5  & 3 foot shoot through umbrella | hard reflector
Pre-Colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC


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