Natural light images, photographed as the weather turned cold in the southern hemisphere.
It’s the Age of COVID: when we look back on this period years from now, it will be clear, that all we have is so fragile: our communities, the environment, our relationships / families.
It will also be a period where we had to make the most changes, (often by evolving ourselves) and that only those that do, will rise.
The past few months has presented very unique situations for making photographs; both in studio and on-location. 
The light and weather however, never stops with time.
Soon as the forecast showed a sunny day and likely fog in the morning, Eduardo and I pulled out a brief we had prepared for awhile now. And with this situation where we had to move quickly to catch weather and light, with little resources fit perfectly with the COVID restrictions required of us.
Braving the 5 degree wind-chill on his scooter, we made it to the planned suburban valley (scouted weeks before) to make images in this natural scene using only a ladder, tripod and camera.

We wanted low, warm light with fog and nature presented us with exactly that for this active lifestyle set of images. To catch this scene, we arrived at 530am to prep for shoot as the sun rose for that special light.
Team and Tools:
Model | Photographer
Nikon D850 | 70-200mm | 24-70mm
Tripod | Ladder
Weather App | Pre-Scout | Planned Brief (styling, location, shot list)
Pre-Colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC


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