Two years in the making... This was my second opportunity to be involved in this rally, and it was a near miss. Making time out of the business and family schedule to participate was a real challenge...but by damn... it was worth it.
With no experience in rally (being in one and even as an observer), it was an un-nerving feeling as I reflected on the approach that will be taken; photographically speaking. Instead of planning the whole project to a granular level, we decided to just let it unfold; welcome the unknown and allow the lack of knowledge to be a source of excitement and mystery. 
And it came together well visually... as it often does despite our hyper-over-thinking minds.
There is one element that held the whole experience together on this rally and all its many moving parts - its purpose: helping others in need, particularly sick and / or disadvantage children. It says it all in the foundation's name "KidzFix".
From medical equipment, training aids, kitchens, toys and a nice sprinkle of entertaining joy, the foundation selects projects that has a direct impact to those in need; a simple and effective approach. 
Summed up pretty darn well in this video by Derek Abel / Abel Productions.
A line from the principles of the foundation really stuck with me: "... simple fact is that children deserve a right to be kids... less worry, more play." 
And with that... the purpose, the event and the people come together in what was simply a fun event.
Below is a selected set of images from the Rally.
Team and Tools:
DJI Mavic 3, Mini 3 Pro | D850 | 20mm, 35mm, 56mm, 105mm & 500mm | Profoto A1 x2 | Profoto Small Silver | Abel Productions / Derek Abel on motion | Capture One Pro | Photoshop CC | Alex Lumsden / KidzFix
The cars were clearly a source of interest with the event guide of "20 years and older" - this means you have all sorts of vehicles hitting the dirt: the working car, the vintage, the rare, the economical, the sentimental, the performance... or any and all of these rolled in to one!
What can't be separated from the inanimate are the driver / navigator teams. From day one, the stories flowed through these people. 
It goes without saying, portraits were going to be an essential element to the image-set... and here is a selection from a vast number shot through the days, of friends, co-workers, father-son, husband-wife, siblings that make up the teams.
If anything, this is an excellent mix of people for a good tale... or a good rumour to start over libations.
Narooma - Cooma - Mystery - Yarrawonga - Healesville - Bright - Buchan - Berridale - Yass: the land is diverse and characteristic of Australia; rugged beauty. 
We had alpine landscapes, fields of golden canola, solar farms, bushland, highlands, river crossings etc... all in the first 3 days of driving. 
It's times like these when I wish I could write songs or poems...  
Getting lost, breaking down, needing help, working together... is part of life and it's a lesson forced upon you whether you like it or not. And ,it all happened on rally.
If you let it in, and allow it be the experience... it comes with fun, drinking beer, meeting old friends, remembering the tough times and simply following the windy road with trust and wide-eyes.
Some moments that fall outside of the category - "What happens on the rally, stays on the rally":
- Hearing of school-mates that hadn't seen for 50 years on the rally; by surprise.
- Turning into the carpark and being greeted with a beautiful range when the light softly kisses the land to just momentarily make it glow.
- Finding out that the water you've been drinking out of the truck's water reservoir, was taken from the snouted can at the servo.
- Watching "Dora's" partner guide her along as it's damn difficult to walk in that costume...
- The "Hopper Stopper" is funny when it's not bloodied and splattered with roadkill.
- Dog's heading down the long-winding road...
- Blue-Beard the Pirate as a rendition of Ali G.
Kudos to the medical, event and road bosses for making the event safe and fun for the entrants... also, in keeping hunger and thirst at bay for 7 days. And to the entrants for gathering the sponsors and supporting the fundraising through their participation.


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