Personal project of dancers photographed on a full-moon night; moon-rise. 
It had become a "too often" scenario each month when the moon was full that we were not shooting something with it. Dance was simply a natural pairing to a moonlit night for images.
We chose the ocean for a little bit more drama with wind, the ability to see the horizon (therefore the moon rise) and the 'moon river' which lends an added visual element to the pictures.
Taylor and Wing were clear professionals and loved dance. The flow was natural and immediate, and the resulting images came simply. The challenge was lighting - balancing the moonlight with our own lights took a little time and required the use of an ND sheet together with a bouncing a small speed light off the Octa's baffle. This took the edge of the small source and also allowed the light to "fall".
Franka and Kim were responsible for elevating the looks; and effective at doing it every single time! 
Missing these two dancers who are now in London and the US; we will welcome you on set if you ever visit again!
Team and Tools:
Hair | Make-Up | Assistant | Dancers
Nikon D850 | 24-70mm
Profoto B1 | 3 foot Octa | ND on model light | SB-500 Nikon Speedlight
Weather App |Photographer's Ephemeris | Pre-Scout | Planned Brief (styling, location, shot list)
Pre-Colored on Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC


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