JUNE 2020

Yes, you noticed it right... this was a "Summer brief" in the mid of the Australian winter. Cold ocean dips, icy winds and a whole lot of self-control from the models who had to create the shot in such conditions. Kudos to you both Alex and Alexandra.
Shot over 3 days in studio, boat and beach house; this stills set was part of a campaign led by Rah Sharma / Nighthawk Productions for VapX's new product launch - Geyser. The campaign required split-water images, aerial footage and an image set that would be used across print, online and POS.
See the final video here.
The set below is the "photographer selects" from the campaign.
It's a little unusual for an Active Lifestyle photographer to be making images of this nature and with this type of product... or is it, especially in these times?
Team and Tools:
Talent x2 | Director | DOP | HMUA | Assistant x2 | Hydro Cam Pilot | Drone Op
Nikon D850 | 200-500mm | 70-200mm | 35mm
Large Silver Panel | Large Gold Panel | Small Silver | Beauty Dish | Black Panels | 4' Octa | Profoto B1s | 
Pre-Colored on,  and tethered to Capture One | Retouched on Photoshop CC
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