There is a peace in making product images… 

It comes from the nature of inanimate objects that has to represent as ‘perfect’. The process to achieve ‘perfection’ starts from the photographic workflow that is meticulous; this needs patience. It’s no surprise why there are much fewer images that are product-centric in my work.

When the flow starts however, a serenity often fills the room where it’s just the photographer, the light and, in this case, a bike.
It’s almost personal when all of what MAKES the resulting image, is directly and only influenced by the use of light; as opposed to making images with people, when the image is a result of the interaction / relationship / energy between the subject and photographer. 
The light, in all its characters and qualities becomes the major decision from frame to frame; direct, soft, reflected, moving, coloured… and all its permutations!
This session with Smack Studios and Chapter 2 Bikes, was equal time in-studio and in the digital darkroom to bring out the detail in design, beautiful subtle frame-form and textures presented in this limited edition release from C2 / Caitlin Fielder.
Do check out Chapter 2 Bikes if you are looking for a beautiful frame, and don’t go past Smack Studios when you need a spacious, well-equipped studio in Sydney. Though it’s in the west, with access through major motor ways, the location is an easy 30 minutes from the city center; a wonderful space with double cycloramas, black-out curtains and drive-up car spaces for loading large props (including cars!). 
Team and Tools:
Nikon D850 | 50mm |Godox AD600 Pro with standard reflector | Top mount Godox AD600 pro with reflector + grid, mounted on manfrotto wheeled megaboom
Captured on Capture One | Colored and retouched on Photoshop CC2023


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