Images created with art prints in mind. Photographed with a strong influence from marble statures in museums.
This is the second set of images we have made together and I am sure there will be more to come. It's not often you have a subject that is so vastly opposite from the physical impression - "gentle giant" comes to mind but "beast with a heart" is more appropriate. 
As Neil stood on the plinth, parallels are unavoidable to dark marble statues and your eyes just drawn to the details of his physique - skin, muscle, body art, hair, highlights / shadows as though each part needed a frame of its own. ​​​​​​​
This was shot at Smack Studios with an overhead softbox with a baffle removed, 2 side dark panels to deepen contrast, a single hard rim kicker to camera left and a silver to lend some light to his legs. 
Textures and backgrounds were added in post to to carry a third layer on the "art on art" visual concept - the body, the tattoos and the canvas.
Team and Tools:
Model | Photographer | Digital Assistant
Nikon D850 | 24 - 70mm
Tripod | Black negative fill screens x2 | Profoto B1 + 3' Octa with 1 baffle | Silver panel for legs | Oil
B&W conversion on and tethered to Capture One | Retouched and composite on Photoshop CC


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